In the event that a team fails to successfully complete a Challenge, that team draws a Humiliation card from the black deck. Humiliations are Terrible Things that the team must do or allow to be done to them (the Humiliation card will say which). If the Humiliation only applies to one player, the team that drew the card may decide which of its players will be subjected to the Humiliation.

The Chicken-Shit Rule (Optional): If a team draws a Humiliation that they really, really, really don’t want to do, they can declare “We’re Chicken-Shit” (seriously, make them say it, one-by-one if you want) and, instead of performing the Humiliation, they can move their piece back one space.

Some Humiliation cards are marked “MAVERICK!,” meaning that they don’t actually inflict Humiliations on the person that drew them. Instead, Maverick! cards allow the team that drew the card to affect the game in some way, as explained on the card itself. Usually, this takes the form of forcing extra Humiliations on other teams. If your team draws a Maverick!, don’t draw an additional Humiliation—you’ve dodged the bullet.