CENSORSHIP: The performer must get their teammates to guess the two Terrible Things without saying any of the words listed on the card.

CHARADES: One player gets their teammates to guess the Terrible Thing by communicating only through movement. The performer may not speak, write, or use sign language. I mean, it’s charades. Anyone who doesn’t know how to play charades is a communist.

IMPROV: One member of the team performs the Terrible Thing on the card while their teammates guess what the Terrible Thing is. The performer may speak during their performance, but cannot say any part of the Terrible Thing, nor can they simply describe the Terrible Thing—they must *act it out*, mainly for the benefit of the teammates and opponents who wish to ridicule them.

OBJECTIFICATION: The same as IMPROV, except the performer *must* use another teammate (who remains unaware of the Terrible Thing’s identity) as either a prop or a fellow character in the performance of the Terrible Thing. The “used” teammate is still allowed to guess the Terrible Thing.